Selection Timeline

The five finalists will be selected based on the first-round screening of their portfolios and the final-round screening of their exhibition plans. Finalists will receive a cash prize to help with their production costs and will be allowed to create their work based on their plan at one of Warehouse TERRADA's facilities.


  • November 21st (Mon), 2022:Entries open

    Entry Period:Online entries


  • January 31st (Tue), 2023 6:00 PM:Deadline for applications

    First-round screening period:Review of portfolios
  • May 15th (Mon), 2023:Successful candidates from the first round will receive notice

    Period for preparation of plans for the final-round screening
  • June 30th (Fri), 2023:Deadline for exhibition plans

    The final-round screening:Review of exhibition plans and portfolios
  • September 11th (Mon), 2023:Announcement of the five finalists

    Installation and production period for the Finalist Exhibition
  • January 10th (Wed), 2024 to
    January 28th (Sun), 2024
    Finalist Exhibition


Finalists will display their works at one of Warehouse TERRADA's facilities.

The five finalists will each receive 3,000,000 yen*1, 2, 3, and additional Supplementary Prize.

  • *1Contingent upon displaying works at TERRADA ART AWARD 2023 Finalist Exhibition (must include one new piece). Finalists are asked to declare the expenses incurred in the production of their exhibited works (including all costs spent exhibiting the artwork, such as transportation, exhibition setup, and equipment costs, as well as staffing costs for assistants, etc., travel and accommodation costs, and the cost of new productions, etc.) Of the 3 million yen awarded, an amount equivalent to these exhibition production costs (i.e., the "exhibition commission costs") is paid as a commission fee, and the remaining balance is paid as the prize.
  • *2The remaining balance described in 1. above is paid after deducting withholding income tax and special income tax for reconstruction.
  • *3If production costs for the exhibited works are more than 3 million yen, then the finalist themself shall be responsible for paying the excess.

Supplementary Prize

  • *Ruinart Blanc de Blancs champagne
  • *PIGMENT TOKYO products worth 100,000 yen
  • *Free use of Warehouse TERRADA's art storage services for 2 years

Qualifying Activity

Contemporary Art (including all forms of media such as two-dimensional works like paintings; photography; three-dimensional works (objects); textiles; videos; digital media art; physical expression such as performances, etc.; and sound art or music, etc.)

Terms and Conditions of Entry

Anyone who meets all the following criteria is eligible to enter the award:

  • AAny nationality, but the applicant must be able to communicate in Japanese
  • BIndividuals or groups, but only one entry per person or group
  • CAnyone aged 18–44 at the time entries open (applicable to the representative in the case of a group)
  • DAnyone can participate in the Finalist Exhibition (including set-up and take-down) and the award ceremony, which is scheduled to take place between December 2023 and January 2024.
  • EAnyone who has not previously been selected as a finalist in TERRADA ART AWARD

Entry Method

Please submit the following information online using the entry form. Please check the entry form for details on each of the items. (Entry forms will be released in late November)

  • ABasic information: artist name or group name; age; academic background; address; e-mail; phone number; image showcasing the artwork; type of artwork
  • BBiography (activities as an artist, track record of exhibitions)
  • CApplicant's statement
  • DPortfolio
  • EDocuments that highlight artistic activities, such as articles published in the past
  • *B–E should be prepared in advance in the required format. The entry shall not be accepted if the information is not prepared in the required form.

Screening Criteria

Entries are reviewed based on the Vision for TERRADA ART AWARD, in line with the individual criteria for the Award and the specific standards of the jury

Final-round Screening

Successful applicants in the first round of screening must submit an exhibition plan and budget list for the Finalist Exhibition. Please note the following essential points when preparing your exhibition plan.

Essential Point

  • AFinalists must create artwork for the Finalist Exhibition (including at least one new work). Finalists must declare the expenses incurred in the production and exhibition of their artwork. The equivalent of these expenses will be paid as a commission fee from the 3 million yen, with the remaining balance being paid as the final prize. If production and exhibition costs for the works are more than 3 million yen, then the finalist themself shall be responsible for paying the excess.
  • BGenerally, finalists are responsible for preparing everything necessary for their exhibition, such as video equipment, display stands, etc.
  • CYou should contact us in advance regarding artworks that are likely to be difficult to exhibit, such as those requiring special operations or equipment. We may not be able to allow you to display, depending on the circumstances.
  • DApproval may sometimes be required in advance by the authorities or the fire department regarding materials or the proposed exhibition plan.
  • EArtworks that emit offensive odors that require the use of large volumes of water are not allowed.
  • FApart from the existing holes in the ceiling, no other holes can be made to hang artworks.
  • GSince the works will be on display for approximately three weeks (give or take, depending on the circumstances), you should make sure that the materials you choose can last for the exhibition's duration.
  • HFires are strictly prohibited.
  • INote that only those who are successful in the first round will be contacted with details of the exhibition floor area, floor load-bearing capacity and electrical capacity, etc.
The deadline for entries has now passed.
We look forward to your entry for the next award.