QIs there a fee for entry?
AEntry is free of charge.
QOne condition of entry is that you must be between 18 and 45 years old, but at what point in the entry and production process does this apply?
Also, do all group members need to meet this age requirement?
AYou may enter the award if you meet the age requirement at the time of Entry. Groups may enter the award if the group representative meets the conditions of entry. The schedule for Entry is included with the information on Entry Requirements.
QIs it okay if I have already sold pieces of my work?
AYes, that is okay. It also does not matter if you are affiliated with a gallery or not.
QAm I eligible to enter the award as a contemporary dance performer?
AYes, you are. Please attach the URL of a summarized version of the performance video to your entry form, along with a portfolio of still images from the performance.
QExactly which activities qualify for the competition?
ATwo-dimensional works like paintings; photography; three-dimensional works (objects); textiles; videos; digital media art; performative art (anything using the body), etc.; and sound art or music, etc., are all qualifying activities.
Dance performances, live painting performances, calligraphy, animation, and works that are a combination of two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats are also eligible.
QCan the same person enter the award as both an individual and a member of a group?
AIf a person has separate portfolios for the individual and group categories, then they may enter both.
QCan a single group submit more than one entry?
AEntries are limited to one time per group.
QMy e-mail address has changed since I submitted my entry. What should I do?
APlease send an e-mail to our office and inform about the change. Make sure you include your applicant ID.
QIf we enter the award as a group, do we only need to submit an educational profile for the group's representative?
AYes, that is correct. For previous activities and exhibition experiences, please submit information on the track record as a group.
QI have a plan to study abroad next year — can I still enter the award?
AYou can enter as long as you are available to participate in the Finalist Exhibition (including installation and deinstallation of artworks) and the Awards Ceremony, which are scheduled to take place between December 2023 and January 2024.
QShould I use my artist name or my real name?
APlease use your artist name under the item marked "Name of the artist/group" on the Entry Form.
QIf I am selected as a finalist, will the travel expenses to attend the Awards Ceremony be paid?
AFinalists are asked to pay for their own travel and accommodation expenses, etc.
QI am a high school student — can I enter the award?
AYou may enter as long as you are verifiably between 18 and 45 years old at the date of entry and you meet the rest of the Terms and Condition of entry.
QWill this art award continue in the future?
AYes, we intend to continue this award with the same screening process, selecting finalists once every two years.
QIf I get through the final-round screening, when do I receive payment for the exhibition costs? Could you please consider paying the costs immediately, as production takes a long time and the cost of materials is high?
AFinalists are asked to submit calculations for their exhibition costs and the cost of producing new artworks. Warehouse TERRADA will then sign a commission agreement with the finalists based on the proposed cost estimate, and the commission costs will be paid soon after.
QWhat happens to the ownership rights for new artworks produced for the Finalist Exhibition?
AThey belong to the applicant.
QCan you explain about the taxes withheld?
AWithholding tax and Special Income Tax for Reconstruction need to be paid to the tax office when the prize money is paid, so we deduct these taxes before the prize money is paid out.
QWhat is Special Income Tax for Reconstruction?
AThis is a tax that will be levied on standard income tax for a period of 25 years (2013–2037) to secure funding for reconstruction following the Great East Japan Earthquake. The tax rate is 2.1%. This tax is calculated as: 2.1% of the amount of standard income tax.
QDo I need to apply to the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers ("JASRAC") for usage rights to the music used in my work?
AIf the music you use is managed by JASRAC, you will need to complete the necessary procedures to apply to JASRAC for use of the copyright. Please use the search service on the official JASRAC website to determine whether the music is managed by JASRAC.
QI made a mistake in the information about the artwork that I registered. How can I correct it?
AOnce you have submitted the information, you cannot correct it. Please get all the required information ready before submitting your entry, and make sure that you enter the correct information on the Entry Form. If there are any factual changes after the entry has been submitted, such as a change of address, etc., then please notify our office by e-mail, including your applicant ID.
Contact: award@terrada.co.jp
Subject: [Your ID Number] Change to Information Submitted (Address)
QI submitted an entry, but I have not received an e-mail to say that my registration has been completed. What should I do?
APlease double check that your e-mail address is correct.
If you have given the correct e-mail address, then your security software may have sent it to your spam folder. Please check your e-mail settings. If you cannot find it in your spam folder, then please e-mail our office at award@terrada.co.jp, including your applicant ID.
QThere was an interruption as I was uploading my artwork data, and the upload couldn't be completed. What should I do?
APlease try to re-upload it using a stable Internet connection, such as a wired LAN connection. If you were using Internet Explorer, please try again using a different browser (Safari or Chrome, etc.).
QIs the 3 million yen payable to finalists paid out as prize money?
AThe 3 million yen is the combined total of the exhibition commission costs (including production costs) for the Finalist Exhibition and the prize money.


Please see the FAQ. Please see here for a list of frequently asked question and their answers, and contact us if you have any remaining questions.
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